Slow Down! Aren’t You Tired of Speeding Through Life?

Are you that Mom that sometimes checks out when your kids are talking? You don’t really mean to, but a couple minutes goes by and you think to yourself, “oh crap, did I just miss all of that?” I get it, you’ve got so much on your mind. I’m guilty of it too.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like you’re tuning them out, but you’re always multitasking? I totally understand. As moms we have so much on our plates. There’s always something that has to get done. You might think if I don’t do it all, it won’t get done. It’s like a constant balancing act. But doesn’t that circus get overwhelming?

Don’t you ever think there has to be a better way!? Because I have. And I do. And my heart keeps telling me to slow down. To rest. To simplify my life. But my head tells me I don’t have time for that because there’s so much stuff to get done.

Since when did the task or the stuff become more important than the relationships?

With our daughters growing up so fast, I realize more and more each day how important it is to spend quality time together. Uninterrupted time that we are fully engaged with one another. And that time together has become so much more precious to me. Because I don’t know how many more of these moments I’ll get. Because before I know it, they will be off in this big world without me.

So we have started to simplify our lives together. Focusing on who and what are truly important. For this season of our life. At this time. Right now. You have to remember there are seasons of change in your life that each of you will go through. But you will go through it together. Others may not continue on your journey with you.

First and foremost, in our home, we have to keep our focus on the Lord. Our personal relationships with Him are how we transform and thrive. As a family we also pray and read God’s word together. We talk about real life things. Because secrets get messy. And if you don’t talk about real life with your children, someone else will. . .

Teens already have enough pressures to face. As parents we can’t leave them feeling alone or they will look to the world for their answers and comfort. Our children must have a relationship with the One to understand that even when we aren’t with them, they are never alone. He is always with them. He is fighting for them on their behalf. And He loves them. Unconditionally. No matter what. With open arms.

Now that’s real love. And that’s the kind of love I want them to know and feel from our Heavenly Father. That’s the kind of love I want them to experience in our home, so that they are able to share that love with the world.

So I will listen to my heart. Because I know it’s connected to the One. I will slow down my fast paced life. I will take time to rest. And as a wife and mother, I made a choice to love and serve God and my family first with my whole heart. And when I do, it outpours and overflows to you. Through this process I hope you will also grow more in love with your Heavenly Father, with yourself, your family each and every day.

With Love,


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