Lovestruck Quick Book Review

I recently read Sharon‘s newest book “Lovestruck” and I was blown away by all the things I learned. I would’ve never been able to “crack this code” on my own. The book appealed to me because I was longing for more intimacy in my marriage.

My biggest takeaways are that intimacy is more than just sex. My husband and I can continue to connect through our lifelong friendship and shared activities as well as how we communicate with each other.

Sex is just as important and created by God for husband and wife to enjoy in the safety of marriage. We are to honor and esteem sex as valuable and see it as a holy union designed by God.

If you are looking for ways to reconnect and reclaim the intimacy in your marriage I highly recommend getting your hands on this book. Take it a step further and join us this September in Sharon’s online book club as we read and dig deeper together to grow in and discover more of God’s design for intimacy in marriage. You can join the book club from here

“A couple who has lasting intimacy is a couple who has learned to communicate beyond the surface of verbal exchange necessary for daily function. Great listeners don’t simply listen with their ears; they listen with their entire beings.” -Sharon Jaynes